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Personalized Reward Jar

Personalized Reward Jar

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Teachers, and parents, lend us your ears! Use the Reward Jar to encourage positive behaviors, homework completion, chores, or even to foster virtues like kindness and sharing. 

With this, every home task becomes an exciting quest, and every classroom lesson turns into a thrilling mission.

Product Features

  • Magic Motivation: Bring fun and joy into your child's everyday tasks with our Reward Jar. With each task completed, they earn a token, getting them one step closer to a thrilling reward. Watch the magic of motivation unfold!

  • Success in Every Token: The Reward Jar helps children recognize their achievements and the value of persistence and hard work. The reward isn't just what's at the end, it's the journey! 

  • Forget The Old Boring Jar: This Back-to-School season, break away from the old and embrace the new. With its vibrant design and interactive approach, it's set to capture the hearts of students, ignite their enthusiasm, and supercharge their motivation like never before.


  • DIY: Get a DIY paintbrush free, use our special DIY paintbrush to leave your own personalized logo on the reward jar.



  • Size: 8.3 x 5.4 inches. 
  • Material: Walnut veneer and acrylic

Package Contents

  • Reward Jar*1
  • Get DIY special brush Free*1

This item is not a toy, and should be used with adult supervision only. 


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