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Language Translation Scanning Reading Pen

Language Translation Scanning Reading Pen

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Turning language barriers into breakthroughs! 

Say goodbye to 'Lost in Translation' moments with our Scanning and Translator Pen. Fluent in every language, just like your mother  language!

Text to Speech: 

The scan translator can scan 3000 characters per minute, scan and translate the entire line of text within one second, and output the original text and the translated documents by voice. The accuracy rate is up to 98% which is convenient and fast! 

High Efficiency: 

0.5s Quick translation between CN↔EN at the moment you scan, 15 times faster than referring to a paper-based dictionary. 99% of the accurate recognition rate. Recognize Chinese and English in various fonts. Support multi-media scanning, including paper, digital screen, label, and wooden surface, etc.

112 languages ​​voice translator: 

The voice output translator supports online scan translation in 55 languages ​​and real-time voice translation in 112 languages. Supports multinational accents and can adjust the speed of speech output. It is the best choice for you to take notes, record conferences, travel abroad, take TOEFL, IELTS, ESL test, and give as a gift.

Smart Recording & File Transfer: 

Translator Voice Translator can be used as a convenient recorder to record and save all your important interviews, meetings and conversations.

 The large capacity battery supports up to 8 hours of continuous work and 7 days of standby time!

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