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Exercise Hip Thrust Belt

Exercise Hip Thrust Belt

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The hip thrust belt is designed with non-slip nylon and velcro. Unique and premium materials and better durability that won't easily rip or tear even with frequent use.

The Hip Bridge Belt is set up with a belt to protect your waist, so you don't worry about slides down or sideways, you could concentrate on training your glute muscles.

Add weights to the hip thrust belt for lunges, glute bridges, dips, reverse hyperextensions, and more. Our belt can be used as a hip thrust belt for dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, or any type of weight.

Easy to set up:

Open the velcro straps, set the dumbbells or kettlebells, plates, or other types of weights, and start exercising.

Whether you do hip thrusts at home or the gym, or even on the go while traveling. The hip thrust belt is going to help you build that booty and actually enjoy doing it.


 Product Description

Color: Black、Pink
Weight: 14.1oz
Applicable Waist: 23.6-59 inches


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