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Little Blow Baggies (Prank Stickers)

Little Blow Baggies (Prank Stickers)

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This sticker is obviously a fake dr♥g baggie filled with booger sugar, or whatever else you might be into.

They work perfectly anywhere! Stick them or throw them on the bathroom floor at your job, or house and let the fun begin.

Funny and entertaining, these prank stickers will give you endless hours of fun and make the perfect gift for someone who loves pranks!

【Quality Materials】Our laminated stickers are water and UV resistant. Laminated stickers can withstand longer UV exposure and brief exposure to water.


  • Size:1.25(W)x1.5”(H)
  • Materials: Paper
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant Durable Vinyl

Package Includes:

  • Little Blow Baggies *Prank Stickers* ×20
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